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--- Oklahoma Drug Dogs & Detection Services ---



Residential search by DebaK9 University offers the most comprehensive Drug Detection Dogs Services in the country.  These services are designed to be confidential, discreet and effective. We offer a variety of services that cover most of the detection requests in the industry.  Our sniffer dogs are trained to not only detect narcotics, but all of our clients' needs.


With nearly 30 years of experience teaching police officers and training detector dogs from scratch, our detection dog services are second to none. We don't purchase retired or washed out dogs from law enforcement agencies. Our dogs are specifically imported, bred, tested, chosen, and trained for the detection task needed.


We felt inclined to start the detection services of our company in 2005, when we found ourselves with teenage kids being bombarded daily with the temptations of using drugs. In an effort to help our own kids and the community, we became active and started offering detection services to friends, companies, detention centers, and schools.  The rest is history!!!



Commercial, Residential, and School Drug Sniffing Dogs



Commercial Detection Service


Kaya alerting on a truck at a commercial site.According to federal laws, employers MUST make every effort to maintain a drug-free work environment. While many testing options are open to employers (such as hair follicle and urine testing and analysis), these are by definition done on a random basis to ensure that not one person or group is being targeted unfairly.  Screening has always been a huge challenge to employers.


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No testing method compares to the reliability and thoroughness of a dog search. It is the least invasive to the staff, and the most effective and direct method of detecting and eradicating contraband in the work place. More...




School Detection Service


Our School detection services are designed to keep our school kids safe from alcohol, drugs, guns, and explosives.


Our School Detection Services include the following:Maddy alerting at a locker with K2 (synthetic marijuana) inside.


  - Street and exotic drug search and detection

  - K2, Bath Salt search and detection

  - Prescription drug search and detection

  - Weapons and explosives search and detection

  - Alcohol search and detection


To properly protect your child from drugs, you must clean his or her environment, and provide quality drug education both in the classroom and at home. We help you with ensuring your child's surroundings are clean of drugs (sniffing hallways, lockers, social areas, locker rooms, gyms, parking lots, and dorms).


Another area of concern to school administrators, teachers, and parents is the possibility of guns or explosives on campus. This has become an unfortunate deadly trend with the many recent school assaults by unstable students or intruders. Our canines can detect guns, ammunition, and explosives.  More....




Residential Detection Service


Our residential detection service is designed to offer search services for the typical household that will be fulfilled by one of our highly trained detection dogs.


Our Residential Detection Services may include the following items:Autumn while performing a search at a residence.


  - Street and exotic drug search and detection

  - K2, Bath salt search and detection

  - Prescription drug search and detection

  - Guns and explosives search and detection

  - Alcohol search and detection

  - Lost family tracking / searches



Children or family members that may be using drugs will expose the family to their contraband by bringing these illegal substances home. Worse yet, they may be getting their drugs from the family medicine cabinet.  This activity is reported as one of the fastest growing drug trends by children under 15, and has made Oklahoma the number ONE state for Prescription pill abuse.


Whether your family is affected by drugs or alcohol, early intervention is widely regarded as the key to prevention. More...



Conservation Services


Despite our experience working with canines in various scent detection roles, we never cease to be amazed by how sensitive their noses are, and what they are capable of locating. Knowing the potential that our furry friends have, we knew that with our dogs and our experience in training them for drug detection, cadaver, and search and rescue, we could train our dogs to find anything. Working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, we have lead the development of a new approved technique utilizing the natural ability of canines to detect for the presence of Carrion.


By having our dogs detect the presence of Carrion, we are able to help save many endangered species that feed on carrion. More...



Here are some Useful Resources to start your research:

1. Wikipedia - Detection Dog

2. How Police Dogs Work

3. Canine Substance Detection

4. Drug Resource Partners


Contact us to schedule a discreet discussion with one of our representatives, and to properly design a program that is suitable to your needs. Our drug dogs are able to search nearly any location and have experience in difficult environments, we can meet your needs!


K9 University is a drug detection service company in Oklahoma offering drug sniffing dogs for the detection of illegal substances in schools, homes and drug dogs in the workplace to ensure a drug-free work environment. We also offer carrion detection services for wildlife conservation, as well as information on drug abuse statistics and the latest drug news in Oklahoma.

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Yellow Lab Maddy performing a search of school bags.

"In 2008, an estimated 2.9 million people aged 12 or older used an illicit drug for the first time within the past 12 months; this averages to almost 8,000 new users per day"

Asta showing his impressive stance.

"Almost half (49.2%) of youths aged 12 to 17 reported that it would be 'fairly easy' or 'very easy' for them to obtain marijuana if they wanted it"




"illicit drug use is associated with suicides, homicides, motor-vehicle injuries, HIV infections, pneumonia, violence, mental illness, and hepatitis". It is estimated that illicit drug use resulted in over 62,000 deaths in 2012"

Kaya found a stash of drugs in a metal cabinet.
Dutch outside searching backpacks for drugs or alcohol.

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