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We serve the following Oklahoma locations:

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Oklahoma Commercial Drug Detection


Federal law was written to protect our employees from exposure to drugs in the work place. According to this law, employers MUST make every effort to maintain a drug-free work environment and minimize potential drug use while on the job.


While many drug screening options are open to employers (hair follicle, urine testing, etc...), these are by definition done on a random basis to ensure that not one person or group is being targeted unfairly.  Testing has always been a huge challenge to employers. No testing method compares to the reliability and thoroughness of sniffer dog searches.  It is the least invasive to your staff and most cost effective; a direct method of detecting and eradicating contraband in the work place.


Kaya alerting on a substance at a commercial location.We understand that employees may still have substance abuse problems, but with K9 University's drug dog detection services, you will no longer have the contraband in your place of business, or in vehicles parked on your property.


The best and most effective search program is one where we perform random periodic visits to your company.  Typically, random search dog inspections create a strong deterrent against anyone selling, storing, or using narcotics in the work place.  We sweep common areas, including lockers, lunchrooms, parking lots, warehouses, office areas, desks, hallways, etc...  In the event contraband is found, the area will be identified and the material will be tested for accuracy.  Canine sniffer dogs are a sound solution, as well as an effective deterrent for companiesschools and residences alike.   As a private agency, we provide a service to your location without having to involve law enforcement agencies.



Canine Detector Services for a Drug-Free Workplace


If you're wondering about the process of drug dogs in the workplace -- it's important to mention that this process is simple and quick to integrate.  For businesses or industries that are NOT familiar with the use of search canines, we can:

- Assist you in the development of drug policies and procedures

- Develop a communications program for employees, management, and contractors.

- Propose an effective plan to meet your needs and eradicate possible contraband

- Execute plan

- Report quarterly and yearly findings, and propose solutions


For businesses or industries familiar with the use of search canines, we can:

- Assess your existing program and propose improvements

- Develop effective plans to ensure the eradication of contraband

- Execute plan

- Report quarterly and yearly findings, and propose solutions


You'll soon be among many that understand that K9 University's drug dog services is second to no other method of deterring substance abuse on the job.



Contact us to schedule a discreet discussion with one of our representatives, and to properly design a program that is suitable to your company.



K9 University is a drug detection service company in Oklahoma offering drug sniffing dogs for the detection of illegal substances in schools, homes and drug dogs in the workplace to ensure a drug-free work environment. We also offer carrion detection services for wildlife conservation, as well as information on drug abuse statistics and the latest drug news in Oklahoma.

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"nearly 75% of ALL adult illicit drug users are employed, as are most binge and heavy alcohol users"


Asta sniffing a car at a commercial facility.

"studies show that when compared to non-substance abusers, employees abusing drugs are more likely to change jobs frequently, be late to work, be less productive, be more likely to be involved in workplace violence and accidents, and file workman compensation claims"




Duncan searching in a warehouse.

"77 percent of substance abusers hold jobs; one worker in four used drugs in the past year, and one worker in three knows of drug sales in the workplace"




"Employees that use drugs cost their employers about twice as much in medical claims as do non-drug using employees"





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